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My new song...I Love You, I Do...
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Allen's new album "COLOR MY WORLD" the newest releases as well as some older ones but a great mix of country and gospel now available call 601-772-9716 to order yours today!!!! 

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Hi everyone, wanted to let you know that we have a new gospel video now on my gospel video page and an updated version of the new gospel song My God, My God!!!!  Check it out on my gospel video page and the music page now.....invite your friends to check out my site also there is lots to see in here....

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Allen is not only a very talented writer but he also puts his own melody and music to his songs as well.  He then does the singing for a rough draft of them before sending them to the artist of choice.  Allen is also his own publisher and does much of his own promoting in many different radio stations in person.  He has done multiple interviews with several of these stations and continues to do so periodically.  He enjoys having that personal touch with people everywhere.